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Sarvsav Sharma
2 min readJan 29

Disclaimer: I am exploring it for the first time.

OS: Windows

Language: go (1.19.1)

Environment: k8s (docker with desktop)

You have to install pulumi using the below command:

choco install pulumi

or read more about here: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/get-started/kubernetes/begin/

Step 1: Changed my directory to github.com/sarvsav/

Step 2: Created a sub directory named pulumistart and changed to it.

Step 3: Ran the command: pulumi new kubernetes-go .

Step 4: Create an account here: Pulumi Service

Step 5: Once you verified and logged in, below message will appear on your screen:

Step 6: Follow the command line instructions:

Step 7: Completion message (after downloading few dependencies and creating base structure)

Step 8: Let’s run pulumi up

Step 9: Verify the pod information

Step 10: Same information can be verified on portal

Step 10: Under stacks menu on left side, the stacks are listed

Next post, we will do some modification or try a custom go helloworld application.

Thank you

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