[GitHub] 5 special repositories to improve your and your organization profile

Sarvsav Sharma
3 min readApr 30

Do you know, there are interesting features that can help to visually improve your and your github organization profile.

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  1. Individual — Creating a repository with same name as our username in github, will unlock one of the special-repository for us. Anything that we will add to the README.md file of our repository will appear on our profile homepage. For example, my username on github is sarvsav and I have created this repository sarvsav , and it published the content of README.mdfile on my profile homepage. And, within this file we can add links to our social media accounts, add github actions to update our profile statistics and many other interesting stuff.
  2. Individual — Creating a repository with name ending with .github.io and, this repository will unlock the github pages for us. For example, if we create a repository named username.github.io where username is our github username, then it is an another special repository for us. With this repository, we will host our profile as a website. If we create a file named index.html in the repository, then it will host the content of the repository on website: https://username.github.io with no extra cost. We can also add Jekyll themes on our github pages, or even host an application created in Angular or React.
  3. Organization — We have a very similar feature for organization also, if we create a repository with name organization_name.github.io , where organization_name is the name of our organization, then we will have access to the free organization website to host website using jekyll, angular, react or any other web technology.
  4. Organization — Now, I tried to be smart, and thought if I create a repo with same name as the organization name, then it will unlock another special repository to publish README.mdon organization homepage. And, I did. But what? Nothing happened. 🤔. I trust github, and then after reading through github documentation I found out that same thing can be achieved by creating a .github profile within the organization and the message brought the smile on my face 😊, after entering those magical words while creating the repo. Note: The file location would be different, and located at /profile/README.md .
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